Leannholsclaw Leannholsclaw 27 May 2020

Bring Back Bratzilla

I hope you can help with this

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LunaCat7 LunaCat7 1 October 2017

Vampeliña torturing Fianna (Drole timeline)

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Cloetta Spelletta15 Cloetta Spelletta15 12 March 2015

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone! I think I shut have to write something long and intersting about me but... I just dont' know what to say so... Write me a post and maybe we will talk sometime so, Bye!!!!

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Meygana Meygana 12 March 2015

My b

Salut! Eu sunt o pustoaica, careia ii plce mult distractia. Mie, cel mai mult dintre papusiele Bratzillas im place de Meygana!


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LoveKiss LoveKiss 27 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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Eldabloom1 Eldabloom1 6 January 2014


1.I'm Friend With ________

2.I'm Bff With _________

3.I'm Romate With ________

4.My Powers Are ______

5.My Favorite Characters Is_______

6.I'm In Love With ________

My Anweser:

1.Vampelina And Bratzillaz Girls

2.Vampelina And Yasmina



5.Vampelina And Yasmina


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Eldabloom1 Eldabloom1 6 January 2014

Would Bratzillaz Have More Episodes?

Hii Bratz I'm New Here (Well not XD i'm with months here XD) can i ask wold be countinue Bratzillaz in 2014?  Have fun

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Cloetta Magic Cloetta Magic 9 December 2013

Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Melinda, and I am new to this wiki. My favorite character is Cloetta, and second favorite is Sashabella. I see that this wiki is pretty active, and one day I might create my own wiki one day! Now, pop quiz! I need these questions answered in the comments below:

1: Who is the wiki's founder?

2: Who are the admins on this wiki?

3: Is there any wiki you suggest I try out?

4: Finally, last one: Who is your favorite Bratzillaz character?

I hope to see you all around, Melinda.

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Yasmin12345 Yasmin12345 9 December 2013

Jade's New Wiki

Hey everyone!

When I went on Jade's profile, I noticed this wiki called Life Roleplay Wiki. I let her know I was going to check it out, but it seems pretty unpopular so I decided to let you guys know! Just go to her profile and see the wiki.

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CloeCloetta CloeCloetta 26 November 2013

I'm back!

That's right Meygana! I'm back and ready to edit more!

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My favorite My favorite 24 November 2013

My favorite

  1. Bratzillaz is a copy of Bratz.
  2. Ever after high is a copy of Monster high.
  3. Bratzillaz have more beautiful and handsome characters than Ever after high.
  4. Meygana Broomstix and Lagoona blue is my name when we are playing.
  5. Jade J'Adore and Frankie Stein is my friend's name when we are playing.
  6. Cloetta Spelletta and Draculaura is my BFF's name when we are playing.
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Queenjade Queenjade 21 November 2013

I miss this...

I don't know about you, but I miss it when this wiki was active. I miss all the good times, the chats, the contests. I miss Fyeahspectra, I miss Yasmin12345, I miss Monsterzillaz, I miss Sashabellalove, I miss Ingie, I miss CloeCloetta, I miss CloettaClairvoya, I miss Princessyasmin, I miss Chrism, I miss Princessadri, I miss those wonderful Wikia Contributors, I miss you all! did you all just die or something? I even miss myself!

Seems like everyone is on different wikis now...

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Chrismh Chrismh 14 September 2013


Has this wikia been abandoned and nobody has told me? Now, I understand that things happen or school came up XD But I have noticed that a bunch of pages were blank/bare/little on detailing, someone had been spamming/making rude edits on the Bratz pages.

From what I saw, activity on this place has seemed to be lacking...

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Chrismh Chrismh 13 September 2013


Hello those of you who may remember me, or wonder why the heck an admin has been gone for quite sometime...

I wont get into detail over why I stopped coming here again, but I happened to swing on by and was appalled by what I happened to found... A MEMBER has been putting in very inappropriate stuff on the Bratz pages, spamming (I think), and make un-needed, random, useless pages. I cannot understand how this person has been able to do this without any punishment at all but I wonder if maybe no admin have been around...

I was also surprised to see how lacking the new dolls/characters pages are! SO I have temporarily come out of hiding (I kid I kid) to ban this ruffian and also work my magic.

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Anita333 Anita333 22 July 2013

Witch Fandom Wiki users needed

Hey Everyone,

We need more people on Witch Fandom Wiki,Can you please join?We have lots of plans planned now and now we need lots of users to improve the wiki.

Hope you join.XD P.S  go to my profile search "Anita333" then look in the wikis I'm following then click Witch Fandom Wiki

As again,Hope you join.Byee xD

From Anita333 who is a admin of Witch Fandom Wiki and a user on Monster High Fandom Wiki :)

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-Muffin -Muffin 10 July 2013

I AM NEW!!!!!!

First lets make it clear, call me Maddie (don't like username will change it later).I have no bratzillaz dolls right now but I will get one soon.I love lilo and stitch and gunter.I LOVE adventure time!!!And I will help out on this wiki

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Vampelina Vampelina 10 July 2013

Masqurade Ball or Witchy Princess Ball doll line anyone?!!

How awesome would it be if they hade a Bratzillaz line themed as some kind of ball like a masqurade (really coool!) or princess ball with the witchy princess and everything (even cooler!!)? That would be awesome and all the girls dressed up in gorgeous gowns with their hair all fixed up and stuff. Just picture how cool that would be! And they could have like masked dates for the masqrade ball who you wouldn't know who it is until you bought it (like Bratz secret date dolls) or like a prince charming that comes in a set with each witchy princess! OMG! MGA needs to make a line like this now! How cool would that be?

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Vampelina Vampelina 10 July 2013

Another Vampelina doll?

Do you guys think there will be another Vampelina doll? I hope so but in some doll lines (like Bratz) they only have like one doll for characters that aren't main ones. She's my favorite! I hope they make her a beach outfit and make a line where she's like in a gorgeous ball gown or something. That woud be awesome!!!! :D

Btw I'm a newbie!! My name is Korine as you can tell by my username and blog post I love Vampelina! She's awesome! Anyway I love making friends and Im a chatterbox so leave me a message or comment on my blog. Thanks for reading! Byeee Byeee :P

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 21 April 2013

All I need is Yasmina,Vampelina and Fianna Finns.

I finally got Jade J'adore! All I need is Yasmina,Vampelina and Fianna,and then I may buy the magic night out collection and then the midnight beach collection,and I will buy the switch a witch packs straight away when they come out.

I am addicted to Bratzillaz! xD

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Fyeahspectra Fyeahspectra 11 April 2013

MGA needs our help!

Like the Bratzillaz facebook page and share it with all your friends to get as many likes as you can because when the page gets 8000 likes MGA is going to "brew up something wicked glam" for us, which could be new webisodes or something even cooler! So, what are you waiting for? Help spread the word now because Sashabella wants to know where her witchez are at? ;D

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Fyeahspectra Fyeahspectra 8 April 2013

Vote Now!

I apologize for the delay but I had some trouble working on the website because of a very annoying school project that I am finally done with! :)

Since only one person entered the contest and there was only one judge, the contest will be postponed until next month.

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Yasmin12345 Yasmin12345 7 April 2013


Having new users to this wiki is amazing, but I really miss a lot of users who have edited a few weeks ago. Please Come Back!

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Yasmin12345 Yasmin12345 6 April 2013

Please Join!

I made a Moxie Girlz Wiki, and I'm the only one who recently edited. Please join it! I need you! Plus, in the blog Vote for Featured Articles (on the Moxie girlz wiki) you can cast your vote!

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Naynoo555 Naynoo555 23 March 2013

Hi i'm new here

Hello i'm Naynoo555 and i'm new here and i'm so exited that i joined and please welcome me to the wiki

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Yasmin12345 Yasmin12345 17 March 2013

My Idea Character (For Contest)

Here is my fanon character, Nitanna Bellana. She is the cousin of bratz Nita and Nora (mostly Nita). She has long pink, yellow, blue and purple hair and green eyes. Light red skin. Her spell is to make you get a make-over. It goes: Bella means beauty, thats what I want, Bratzacadabra! Make me beautiful like that.

Fave Food: Lasagna with extra fiber

Fave Drink: Blood juice

Fashion Passion: Italian Beauty

Nickname: Pretty Puppy

Pet: Red, White and Green Dog named Bella.

Fave Colour: Italian colors

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Yasmin12345 Yasmin12345 16 March 2013

My Story: The Magic Night Out. (For Contest)

Here is my story for the contest.

The bell rang and all the students at the academy were excited and rushed to see. "Hello Everyone! Magika, the headmistress announced. I would love to say, since you did so well, I am celebrating this with a school dance!" Jade sighed, "Ooh! That sounds fun!". After the assembly, the girls (along with many other students) rushed to the boutique. "All these dresses look so good, its going to be hard to find a good dress." Cloetta exclaimed. "Maybe we should find a dress that suits well with our personality." Vampelina said. Sashabella wasn't paying attention. She found a nice dress, with the help of Fluffinsruff. "Thats it! Yasmina exclamed. We can use the help of our petz!" Luckily, with the help of the pet…

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Fyeahspectra Fyeahspectra 16 March 2013

Logo Contest: WINNERS!

All of us admins would like to thank everyone who joined the contest and want them to know that they all did a wonderful job! With that being said, here is the moment you all have been waiting for....

SECOND PLACE: (Tied) Corine D'Arcy & NiaHearts - You both get to be the featured user of April and each get to pick a featured article for April without having to vote. So, if there is a couple, picture, video, etc. that hasn't been featured on the Wiki that you would like to see on the main page, send it here and it will be featured in April!

FIRST PLACE: Ingie - Congratulations! Your logo will be featured in the awards cermony and you get to be admin for a day! You will also get touble voting chances when voting for the awards open.

Thanks again…

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Corinne D'Arcy Corinne D'Arcy 9 March 2013

Just a stupid question... do you sometimes have ideas for BZs fanfics?

Because I do! I actually have two already, both about Lasmina (Because they're just too cute!)

So... which ones do you have?

(I'm not so known in here, so this is just my first attempt at being sociable over here, I'm quite shy when I enter a new fandom)

-Corinne D'Arcy, but you can call me Ceci, since everyone calls me that.

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 9 March 2013


I finally got Sashabella Paws!

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Princessadri Princessadri 8 March 2013


Its Friday, woo! I have 3 announcements.

  1. I'm moving! To the UK. My mom is planning on having us live with our grandparents, she thinks they're getting old, so we need to take care. But I'm not moving until June 30.
  2. I'm going to the mall tomorrow, I'm planning on buying bratz, bratzillaz and MH dolls. Let you know tomorrow!
  3. My birthday is after tomorrow. EXTRA GIFTS!

AshbySister (talk) 20:50, March 8, 2013 (UTC)Izzy

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Princessadri Princessadri 6 March 2013

My Bratzillaz Idea: Adria Books

Here is my idea: Adria Books. Cousin of Adri. She wears a purple tank top with orange jeans (I love them!). She has blue and red flip-flops. She has long, pink hair. And a leopard print cape and zebra print hat.

Power: To read any language

Spell: From Serbian to Chinese, Any Language You Please, Bratzacadabra! Let me read any language (I'm bad at ryming!)

Fav Food: Blood Oranges

Fav Drink: Spider Chocolate Latte

Nickname: Book-Witch

Pet: Green worm named Bookie               

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SashabellaLove SashabellaLove 2 March 2013

Carjack My Heart!!!


What happens when one warlock steals the heart of two witches who happen to be BFFs? :{O


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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 2 March 2013

My story how I started to love Bratzillaz and how I got my first ever one!

I collected Monster High dolls then I seen Bratzillaz,then I begged and begged to get one. Then I out to buy a Bratzilla and that Bratzilla was Cloetta Spelletta. I drived up to Toys R Us knowing that she will defintley be there,but there was NO Bratzillaz what so ever on the shelves.

Me: Where are all the Bratzillaz?! (asks woman that works at Toys R Us) 

Woman: Sorry we have sold out!

Me: WHAT?! NO!! (Goes to Smyths,which is far away from my local city)

Meanwhile at Smyths...

Me: (Goes to Bratzillaz isle) 

And there was the midnight beach Bratzillaz,but not the basic ones,and I wanted the basic Cloetta Spelletta.

Me: WHAT?! NO BASIC BRATZILLAZ?! (asks man that works smyths)

Man: Sorry we are sold out of the basic ones!

Me: NO!!!! (Walks to Argos)


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SashabellaLove SashabellaLove 28 February 2013


Hey guysss! Today is my b-day and I got tons of stuff today and will get even more at my party this weekend!!! x{D

I got Sashabella Midnight Beach and Yasmina Midnight Beach!!! My mom said she's saving the rest of the presents until my party!! IM SOOOO EXCITED! :{D

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Fyeahspectra Fyeahspectra 27 February 2013

Logo Contest!

Show off your creative side by designing a wicked glam logo for the Bratzillaz Wiki Awards!

All you have to do is design a logo that says "2013 Bratzillaz Wiki Awards" using photoshop, pixlr, gimp, photofiltre, etc., save it as .png with a transparent or white background and upload it to the gallery at the bottom of this post.


  • You can only enter one logo.
  • The logo must say "2013 Bratzillaz Wiki Awards" and be bigger than 100px.
  • Do not make fun of someone else's work or your logo will be disqualified!
  • You must submit your logo before the deadline: March 10, 2013.


  • First Place: Your logo will be featured on the Wiki for a month while voting takes place and will be on the actual awards show. You will also get to be an admin for a day and …

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Princessyasmin Princessyasmin 25 February 2013

If you could create a new Bratzillaz line...

What would the theme be?

Describe what the outfits would look like.

Who would be included in the line?

Would there be new characters? If so, what would the be like? (powers, looks, favorites, etc)

What would the webisode for your line be about?

Would the dolls have a special feature like glowing in the dark or dancing? If so, what would it be?

Out of the four doll lines made (Basic, Midnight Beach, Magic Night Out, Switch-a-Witch) which one would you want to be a movie? What would the movie be about?


  • Wildlife themed
  • Lots of animal prints, faux fur, and a vine dress for the new character
  • Sashabella, Yasmina, Jade, Cloetta, Meygana, Toola Twins, Levitor, Igneus
  • Yes! Vinessa Sunflower a plant monster who can talk to plants and control them. …

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SashabellaLove SashabellaLove 25 February 2013




I really want this cake. SCRATCH THAT! I NEED this cake! #yummy :{P

Whens y'alls birthdays? Cuz I think we should start having chat parties or giving virtual gifts to each other on birthdays!!! :{D


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Fyeahspectra Fyeahspectra 23 February 2013

Wiki Awards Nominations & Categories

Hey everyone! As you may or may not know already, we are planning on having the first annual Braztiilaz Wiki Awards soon. Below is a list of categories and possible nominations. You can suggest other categories and nominations for the categories in the comments.

Best Webisode

  • The top 5 most suggested webisodes will become nominees

Best Doll Line

  • Basic
  • Midnight Beach
  • Magic Night Out
  • Switch-a-Witch

Best Main Character

  • Meygana
  • Sashabella
  • Yasmina
  • Jade
  • Cloetta

Best New Character

  • Fianna Fins
  • Vampelina

Best Webisode Character

  • Toola Twins
  • Levitor
  • Igneus
  • Headmistress Magika

Best Couple

  • Yasmina and Levitor
  • Sashabella and Igneus

Best Magic Power

  • The top 5 most suggested powers, of one of the characters, will become nominees

Best Friendship

  • The top 5 most suggested friendships w…
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Breannamation Breannamation 20 February 2013

What would YOU name the Switch-A-Witch girls?

At first, the page was quite unorganised and did not have much information. However, I have compiled more information on the Switch-a-Witch page about the sets, including the first wave.

I would love to hear what you would call the Switch-A-Witch characters from the first wave (or even the second wave if you want).

To start your creativity sparks off, I'll show you the names and powers I would give to the girls on the left of me:

1) I have named the pink/blue afro girl Humoria Hysterica. I have given her the power to give people a hint of comedic happiness. Her spell goes: Fountains of candy, Grass growing pink, Bratzacadabra, give a laugh and a wink!

2) I have named the black/white split skin girl Mortella Intentionette. I have given her the p…

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Princessyasmin Princessyasmin 19 February 2013


Does anyone else think Finora (the witch from the Bratz masquerade line) should transfer to Bratzillaz Academy? I think itd be awesome if they made her a new student.

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 18 February 2013

My Idea for a webisode

My webisode is called Date switch

The Bratzillaz are heading to their first class,as Yasmina sees Levitor.

Levitor: Hey Yasmina!

Yasmina: (giggles) hey!

Cloetta to Sashabella: Don't you think Yasmina and levitor look cute together

Sashabella: (no reply and looks at Igneus)

Cloetta: Erm...Sashabella? 

Sashabella: oh erm...what?!

Cloetta: (sighs) never mind (walks to class 1)

Meanwhile at class 1...

Headmisstress: You will all be attending a love day where I group a girl up with a boy and they talk about their lives to each other and hopefully be boyfriend and girlfriend.

Yasmina: (Looks at Levitor with a grin)

Sashabella: (Looks at Igneus with a grin)

Headmisstress: I will be putting you in your love groups right now. Group 1 will be Yasmina with....(pause…

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 18 February 2013

Your doll errors

Do any of your Bratzillaz have doll errors?. Mine do My Cloetta Spelletta doll's witch mark has smudged. -_-

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Clawdeen Ghoul Clawdeen Ghoul 18 February 2013


Hey Welcome to my Blog this is my first post so i am nervous so Dont put to much pressue or what ever it is

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Cupcake Zombie Cupcake Zombie 18 February 2013

Face different's?

Meygana Broomstix magic night out doll to the left,Meygana Broomstix basic doll to the right.

I was searching on google images as I spotted this picture and Meygana Magic night out's face is longer than Meygana basic's face.

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Princessyasmin Princessyasmin 16 February 2013

yasmina & levitor went on a date??!!

I was on the bratzillaz facebook and saw this:

and if you didnt already know the headmistress gave Jade permission to use her magic to heal broken hearts and make everyones dream dates come true. so hopefully the date goes well and yasmina will be dating levitor in the next episode!!

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Queenjade Queenjade 15 February 2013

Moxie Girlz Wiki contest

Enter the contest on Moxie Girlz wiki! Please do!

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CloettaClairvoya CloettaClairvoya 14 February 2013

If the Bratzillaz got new friends- Quiz!

If Dana has a cousin, her name would be _____

If Carrie has a cousin, her name would be ______

If Nevra has a cousin, her name would be ______

If the bratzillaz got a new outfit, chose one girl and describe it ________________________________

If Nadine has a cousin, her name is _____

My answers

Danina Immortala

Carrina Luv

Nevrina Green

Cloetta- Pink tank top with a big white heart, black jeans with pink stripes, and blue sandals

Nadina Beautina

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Nevrabratz Nevrabratz 13 February 2013


Im going on a break for a while because I dont have much time to edit on here anymore and I wanted to say sorry to anyone who got mad at me over the admin thing. I was just trying to do what I thought was good for the wikia. So sorry to anyone who got angry with me and sorry that I havent been doing a lot on the wikia lately. Im really busy with school right now and just dont have the time anymore. Idk when Im coming back but I will someday. Im gonna miss you all and again Im sorry. Bye everybody!


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SashabellaLove SashabellaLove 13 February 2013


Have y'all ever heard of quizilla?? Its this awesome site where you can make quizzes, stories, polls and all that good stuff. Welp...I CREATED A BRATZILLAZ QUIZ & A POLL!

You guyss should take them :{)

Just clickity click right hurrr for the quiz and right hurrr for the poll. x{D


Anywhooo please take my quiz! Its "How well do you know the Bratzillaz?" Its very easy if you've seen all the webisodes and stuff. So go take it NOWWWW! please :{P

OHHH! And the poll is "Who's your favorite Bratzillaz character?"

ALSO!! I made a survey thing too but you should take it AFTER my quiz ;{D
#Favorite Bratzillaz girl?
#Favorite Bratzillaz boy?
#Favorite webisode?
#Favorite doll line?
#Favorite pet?
Comment below …

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Queenjade Queenjade 12 February 2013

(Quiz!) Your relationship with the girls

______ would be my friend

______ would be my best friend

______ would be my BFF

______, I discoverd she's my long lost sister/brother

______ is who I'm in love with

My answers:






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