Among the promotional material MGA Entertainment produces to bring attention to the Bratzillaz dolls, the most prominent product is the Bratzillaz cartoon series. Released as a mix of many webisodes of a few minutes long and a small amount of TV specials nearing an hour, the cartoon is the primary medium through which new characters and accessories are brought to the audience's attention. The 2D-animated material is produced by W!LDBRAIN and Top Drawn Animation, while the 3D-animated material is produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment. Sound for the entire series is done by Salami Studios.

MGA Entertainment currently releases a new webisode biweekly via the Bratzillaz YouTube channel and the video portion of the official Bratzillaz site. Generally, YouTube gets the webisodes uploaded a day before the official site. The three social media accounts put up a notice whenever a new webisode is released and also release information if the series goes on hiatus.

Volume 1

Conjure up some spooky fun with Bratzillaz! These bewitching charmers are ready to brew up some fashion magic with you, and show you how glam gets wicked!

  1. Welcome to the Academy
  2. Furry Frenzy
  3. Double Trouble
  4. Pur-Fecting Boy Chat
  5. The Rrr-runway
  6. In the Big Screen
  7. Later, Alligator
  8. Headlines and Deadlines
  9. Midnight Beach
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