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Furry Frenzy
Furry Frenzy.png
Volume Volume 1
Release Date: September 11, 2012
Previous: Welcome to the Academy
Next: Double Trouble
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Volume 1, Episode 2: The Bratzillaz learn all about pet powers!


The girls arrive in the main hall to see a bunch of their fellow students inside. The girls are very excited and both Jade and Cloetta comment on how they had dreamed of this very moment! Meygana then points out that everybody there, except for them has a pet with them. One of the "pets", a white rat then calls her rude for saying something so demeaning. He explains that they are not just pets but when Sashabella speaks to him the others only give her a curious expression.

Sashbella is the only one who can understand the white rat! She asks about this since he's speaking English to her, but apparently nobody else can hear this supposed "English". Jade reminds her that Sashabella can speak to animals, as her spell granted her the ability. So with this in mind, Sashabella asks the rat once again what he meant when someone strange claims the pets are friends, too.

The rat is named Ratcid and he is Levitor. When Meygana admits they have no clue where their class is, as its their first night Levitor explains that the pets are there for that very reason, and many, many more! Like companions, aid, even a conscious when you do not have someone to turn to or need personal help...

After Meygana asks how they could get a pet, Levitor tells them he will show them and he takes them to a new room and he tells them to say the magic word to receive a pet that reflects on their "inner self". They do so, but nothing happens! Cloetta expresses disappointment when suddenly she notes how weird the mirror suddenly looks and a bright light reveals their newly required pets!

The girls then begin to play with their brand new pets. Kissifuss just adores Jade and begins to kiss and hug her while Meygana has trouble grabbing onto Wingzy until she tells it to come to her, Barkthalameow's dog side tries to grab the kitty side when Cloetta picks it up and calms it down, Sashabella has trouble finding hers until she looks down to see it chewing on her cape, and Yasmina politely greets Winkers. Just then, a bright glow behind them forms and two girls, who somewhat resemble one-another, appear, making the girls fall to the ground. The mysterious twins flash the girls a dirty look, but before saying anything, the webisode ends to be continued in Double Trouble.


  1. Cloetta Spelletta
  2. Jade J'Adore
  3. Meygana Broomstix
  4. Sashabella Paws
  5. Yasmina Clairvoya
  6. Levitor
  7. Toola Twins