Jade r
Nickname Kool Kat
Zodiac Virgo
Fave Pet Cat
Fave Color Emerald green
Fave Food Sushi
Fave Drink Strawberry Smoothie
Fave Music Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga
Fave Class Chemistry
Fashion Passion Anything new and quirky cool

Jade, nicknamed Luscious or Kool Kat, is one of the four original Bratz dolls.

Her witchy Bratzillaz cousin not only shares the same family as her but also the same name, Jade.

It's unknown if Jade knows about her cousin going to the Bratzillaz Academy.


Always on the cutting edge of cool, Jade is the ultimate fashionista! After checking out the latest fashion mags, the trendiest boutiques and the thrift stores, Jade always manages to put together looks that are completely unique. She adores accessories so much that she tends to just pile them on, leading some to wonder if she is an accessory hoarder, and some speculate she will someday become an accessory herself.

While she is known for being the funniest one of the group, Jade also implies to be pretty smart. She has an interest in nature, science, and chemistry and really wishes to find out how accessories are made.

Jade seems to be pretty popular with the general public, likely due to her love of accessories.

She is nicknamed Luscious because of her sex appeal. Unlike the other Seven Deadly Sins in the Bratz world, she does not exhibit her sin, which is Lust, but rather serves as an object of lust for others, tempting them to sleep with her then stealing their souls.


She has a varying set eye colors which are usually brown or green, black hair that has been portrayed as blue, brown, and silver, and a light skin tone but has been sen as pale and tan. Jade is also from an Asian, most likely Japanese, heritage.


In her current appearance, Jade has pulled her black hair into very long pigtails. Her bangs are about chest length with them loosely framing her face with the middle-most segment facing the left. She has thin streaks of pink and purple throughout it. She also has long curly strands of blue and gold, as well as yellow, orange, and pink braids.

Jade's outfit is very colorful and bright. It consists of a blue and purple long sleeved top with black and white striped segments on the bottom and lower-elbow of her sleeves. She also has a pink feather boa, a rainbow scarf with a golden loop chain attached to it, a purple and black bubble skirt over a black skirt and blue belt, and chic, trendy thigh-high boots.