Later, Alligator
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Volume Volume 1
Release Date: November 20, 2012
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Later, Alligator is the seventh webisode of Bratzillaz. On November 20, 2012, the webisode was uploaded to the Bratzillaz Website and their youtube account.


The Bratzillaz face their first day in Purses and Potions class!


The webisode starts off with Mr. Lectric writing on the board and welcoming the students to his class, Purses & Potions. Everything is going well until he says they have to make an alligator skin purse and Sashabella doesn't like this because of her love for animals. The girls start making the purses because they don't want to fail their first class. Everyone's potion except Yasmina and Levitor's goes wrong. Cloetta gets a fish instead of a purse and Jade gets butterflies. The worse creation was Meygana's who brought her alligator bag to life by accident. The bag chases the pets around the room, ruins Yasmina's bag, and turns the classroom into a mess. Jade tells Cloetta to use her change spell to clean up the class, so they won't get in trouble. She uses the spell and when Mr. Lectric comes back he doesn't suspect a thing and starts grading the purses and failing the students. While he's grading the alligator purse attacks him and chases him down the hallway, which makes everyone laugh including Sashabella who hopes that Mr. Lectric learns not to use animal skin in fashion.


  • Jade: “French is the language of love! And I, for one, am not feeling that."
  • Sashabella: "Well, I, for one, won’t do it. Crocodiles have feelings too!"
  • Meygana: "Snippets of a frog and scales of a hag, Bratzacadabra, make me a crocodile bag!"
  • Yasmina: "Hey, no cheating!"
  • Cloetta: "Create a new classroom, Now rearrange, Bratzacadabra!, Fix it, Now change!"


  • This webisode was the first time the school hallway, teacher's lounge, and purses and potions classroom was shown.
  • Mr. Letric is introduced here.


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