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Magic Power Levitates things
Fave Pet Ratcid

Levitor was the first male character introduced in the webisodes. He made his debut in Furry Frenzy, the second episode of the series. His power is to levitate things as what his name suggests.


Levitor is very kind, caring, and helpful. He is never afraid to speak his mind, especially for an article!


Levitor appears human everywhere except his face, which is designed like a skeleton's. The only difference is he has a nose whereas most skeletons don't.

His skin is fair except for his pale white face. He has black hair, light blue eyes, and grey lips. Levitor also has salient cheekbones, dark circles around his eyes, and what appears to be stitches around his mouth. However, this is most likely stage makeup.

He wears a blue striped vest with three small belts in the middle that serves as buttons and a white dress shirt. On his neck there is a blue polka dot neck tie. He wears a grey pants with a black belt and big black cobalt boots. On his side there are a torch like container which holds his wand.


Ratcid 2.png

Levitor's pet is a male rat named Ratcid, who prefers being called a friend more than a pet. He is Levitor's guide, companion, and sometimes even his conscience.

Ratson has white fur with dark red eyes and nose. He has a long pink tail. He wears a blue striped vest and a black top hat with the same pattern like Levitor.



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