Lilliana Honesty is a new Bratzillaz character who will be introduced in the Back to Magic line. She is a gypsy from India whose power make people must tell the truth.

Ilianna Honesty
Lilliana Honesty
Magic Power

She's not a spy or a super sleuth or even a real witch, but Lilliana will make you tell the truth.

Witchmark A flower
Fave Class Tales & Texture


She is always truthful and will never lie.


Lilliana has tanned/light brown skin with very pale pink colored eyes and dark pink lips. She has very pale pink blush, and also has many gold spots/decals decorating her face. Lilliana's dark hair has many strands of gold throughout it and is very long, pulled back into a very thick braided ponytail that has one or two braided knots where it's tied on the top of her head. Her witch hat is gold.

Lilliana wears a short pink tank top with golden lining and a wrapped cloth over her left shoulder, held with a gold clasp. She also wears a gold necklace, a single gold bracelet, golden earrings, purple silk short pants with gold lining and light purple flowers, and a pair of gold heels.


A small elephant


Back to Magic

Lilliana Honesty's basic doll. Comes with a broom brush.

Differences between doll and art:

  • Her eyes appear to be a faint lilac color.
  • Seems to lack some of her golden decal details on her face.
  • Earrings look different
  • Her hair isn't nearly as long or thin as it shows in the art.
  • Lacks bracelet
  • Her shawl-cape is very long
  • Pants appear to be red and baggy.
  • Her heels have ankle wraps that aren't present on the art variants.