Siernna Calmer
Character Power Description Can make anything or anyone that is rowdy, crazy, or insane into a calm person or thing.
Magic Power Can turn chaos into calm.
Fave Pet Obvi, it's the bird on her head!
Witchmark Swirly lines under her eyes.
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Fave Color Aqua.
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Fashion Passion Flashy, short dresses
Siernna Calmer was one of the first students to attend Bratzillaz Academy. Siernna, along with two other witches, mysteriously disappeared after a student got jealous of their successes in magic and decided to use their magic to vanish them forever.


Serena is no fool she can keep you calm and cool. Her friends love that she never loses her temper.


Siernna is a pale-skinned girl with off white eyes and dark coffee lips to match her jade eye shadow. She has black markings around both eyes and has a large, gold bird cage on the top of her head. Her pale teal/aqua hair is very long with straight cut bangs and White highlights throughout it.

Siernna wears a patch-stitched teal and blue dress with a teal bunch of tulle coming off of her right hip. The dress has black puffy sleeves of which the left one carries on into her dress covering the left side of her chest in black fabric. She also wears black fingerless gloves and black fishnet knee high stockings with stitching designs. She wears teal pointed toe heels and a black tulle cape cut short with a jagged edge. Her cape has a beige buckle with the side profile of a random face on it. The buckle has black design encompassing it. She has earrings of similar design to the buckle on her cape.


Basic Doll

Differences between the doll and art:

  • Her makeup looks darker
  • Her theme coloring consists of brighter blues, not teal/aqua.
  • The material that is knotted on the side of his skirt is not knotted on the doll.



  • Siernna made her first appearance in the Witchy Princess story.
  • Her bird cage hat is bigger than the girls, she could be the leader of the Witchy Glam Princesses.