Victoria Antique
Victoria Full
Character Power Description Turns old things new.
Magic Power Necromancy
Fave Pet Snake
Witchmark Snake
Nickname The Serpent Princess
Fave Color Take a guess.
Fave Movie
Fave Food
Fave Drink Malamar Mai Tai
Fave Music TBA
Fave Class
Fashion Passion Scales

Victoria Antique is a new Bratzillaz character who will be introduced in the Back to Magic line. She is a snake-witch.


Victoria is a quiet, reclusive girl who dislikes people and prefers the company of snakes. As her name implies, she is very fond of antiques.


Victoria is pale skinned with bright, glowing yellow eyes. She has red lips, pale pink blush, and what looks to be light green scales on the outer sides of her face. She has dark black and green hair that is pulled up into two segmented, braided circles on both sides of her head, worn with a red witch hat.

Victoria wears a lime gren top underneath a green and yellow top that has dark colored lines all over it and a single, long sleeve. Half of the top appears to be black and is worn with a short black, glimmering cape/flowing sleeve. Her shorts/skirt resemble the top and around her waist is a black and gold striped rope worn like a belt.

She also wears fishnet stockings that end at her ankle, a pair of black heels with lime green lining and straps around her lower leg, gold bracelets, and golden earrings.



Back to Magic

A basic doll based on Victoria. It comes with a brush.

Differences between doll and art:

  • Her hair seems to be mostly black with dark teal strands in it. Instead of dark green with black.
  • Her lips are orange.
  • Her earrings seem to be different colors, unlike the art variant that just wore gold.
  • Wears one bracelet.
  • The scale marks on her face are blue-teal.
  • Her top is red, dark teal, and yellow, not green and yellow.
  • Instead of a lime green shirt, she has on a dark teal shirt with pattern on it.
  • Her shoes are also black and dark teal, not lime green.
  • Her rope-belt has big teal beads near the ends of it.