Welcome to the Academy
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Volume Volume 1
Release Date: August 15, 2012
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Welcome to the Academy is the very first webisode of the Bratzillaz. It was uploaded to the Bratzillaz Website and their youtube account on August 15, 2012.


The girls are introduced to theBratzillaz Academy and discover bewitching magic!


The webisode begins as a purple vehicle flies to the front of Bratzillaz academy and a girl with long, light brown hair steps out of it with her luggage. A bit nervous, Yasmina reminds herself that things will be fine and that she always dreamed of this very moment. She then goes inside to see four other girls awaiting her arrival and they all take turns introducing themselves. Yasmina then asks what they are supposed to do now, as she was not given any instructions when suddenly someone burst in!

She flies around and soon lands on the floor while complaining about traffic when she then notices the five girls standing before her. The strange woman tells them not to just stand there and Sashabella points out that they don't know where to go. To which the woman realizes they are the five new students she was told about and she uses her magic to reveal special capes. She then leaves after telling the girls that they will gain new powers from the capes, before anyone can ask about this.

Sashabella asks how they can tell which cape belongs to who, then Jade happily picks up the red cape and tries it on. She then sees something in the pocket and pulls it out to see a spell on it and begins to recite it. Which then makes her transform! Amazed by this sight, the other four girls then proceed to pick a cloak they prefer and they too transform.

As the girls then proceed to admire their new appearances. The woman from before comes in and tells them that they are witches, and then tells them to hurry up to the main hall. The five girls then proceed to run down the long hallway as the webisode ends.


  • Yasmina: “This is what we've always dreamed of. It's going to be fine.”
  • Sashabella: “Look girls! Another new recruit.”
  • Headmistress Magika: “Welcome to Bratzillaz Academy of Fashion and Magic! I usually have a whole speech I like to do, but there isn't really time for that now.”


  • After the Headmistress is introduced, on the wall behind her there is the Blood Red Charm attire from one of the fashion packs.


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